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Interview Practice Skills

Most people feel anxiety, even dread, when confronted with a job interview. Everyone has questions that they hate; the mortifying tell us about yourself; the cringe inducing what are your strengths and qualities?.

We all have a tendency to block out that which we consider to be unpleasant: so it is with interviews. Many people adopt the ostrich approach to interview techniques, where we stick our heads in the sand and block out all thoughts of the impending date.

However, if most people avoid exploring their responses to inevitable interview questions, anyone who undertakes preparation has a major advantage.

Fusion Training & Development are running a programme that will help you to confidently handle the hard questions. We will work with you to build an understanding of employers’ needs. We will help you build answers that will be heard and will impress. In short, we will help you present yourself to advantage. In a tightening and more competitive labour market, it is the percentages that count.

Course details: One day programme. Available throught the year. Programmes costs €80. Max of ten participants.

Style of programme

Adults learn best by doing, and interviews are an active experience, so there will be considerable interaction, participation and role play.

Course content

  • Interviews and how they make us feel
  • What is within and what is outside our control
  • What are the needs of employers: what would we seek in an employee
  • Owning our qualities Managing our inner critic
  • Dealing with nervousness.
  • Interview role play

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